Trees with Garden Design

Even if you don’t have a lot of space with all the trees in your yard to do it in, you can still come up with some pretty lavish and beautiful garden designs to make your black yard a more pleasurable place to hang out. Designing a garden is like anything else in that you can take it as far as you want to. If you have an abundance of trees, design around them. When I first decided to design a garden, I did not even use pen and paper. I had a very small yard, and I could do it all by hand. I didn’t really have room for a footpath, so basically my garden designs were a matter of getting flowering plants, a few vegetables, and some herbs I wanted to grow. Then I planted it all – easy as pie.

Nowadays, my garden designs have become very elaborate. I use the existing tree branches and limbs as my starting point. Last year, as a matter of fact, I even hired an online garden designing service along with the local Columbia arborist. It was pretty cool once I checked it out. Basically, you could design your garden online. They had design software you could use, tips, links to online catalogs that sold all the flowers, garden furniture, fruit trees, and other supplies that you needed, and even links to landscape architects and arborists who you could hire to plan or plant your yard.

I have always liked outdoor gardening as a hobby, so I chose to implement my garden design myself. Once I finish with the drawing of the garden designs around the existing trees, I got to work. It was my most ambitious project yet. I had a water feature – an outdoor fountain with a small pool. It was the first thing I started on. Looking back, I probably should have started with my flowers, but hindsight is always 2020. You see, you need to plant your flowers early in the year or else they won’t bloom on time. Plan to coordinate with the flowering trees on the plot.

But anyway, the water feature turned out great. I had no idea how to build one, so I looked at some online garden designs to find it. It was actually easier than I thought. Even laying concrete at the bottom of the pool wasn’t that difficult, and the effect was gorgeous. I just had to work around the tree roots to not disturb the major one. Also, I had to ensure that future tree root and branch growth would not destroy my design. I love to be able to sit in my backyard and listen to the sound of gurgling water in the afternoon. There is nothing more soothing after a hard day of work. It takes a lot of work to design your garden around the trees, but it is more than worth it. For every hour you spend doing it, there are three or four good hours of relaxation in it for you at the very least.